Cape Cod, MA Solar Panel Cleaning

Count on PEAK Solar Pro as the go-to solution for top-notch solar panel cleaning services in Cape Cod, MA. We specialize in cleaning various solar arrays, from commercial rooftops and utility-scale ground mounts to carports and residential installations.

Headquartered in Boston, we cater to the entire Northeastern region, encompassing Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine. Our services are highly esteemed by some of the world’s largest solar companies for their projects in New England.

With a track record spanning more than 20 years in cleaning, maintenance, and safety, our founder has been instrumental in shaping our company’s reputation for technical excellence and the provision of top-tier cleaning services.

We utilize cutting-edge techniques, incorporating both robotic and manual cleaning solutions, to ensure the optimal maintenance of solar panels. Acknowledging the individual traits of each property, we conduct thorough site visits to customize our approach. This assessment considers factors like water accessibility, the nature of soiling, challenges presented by birds, and adherence to safety requirements.

We’re enthusiastic about forging a lasting partnership with you, committed to maintaining the continuous efficiency and performance of your solar panel installations.

Paul West
Founder & General Manager
PEAK Solar Pro