Bird Control System Installations

We install high-quality bird deterrent systems in Massachusetts and Rhode Island to reduce PV soiling levels and hotspot developments and extend solar asset lives. 

Our bird deterrent laser systems are proven to be highly effective. Our systems have very low maintenance costs: the laser bulb needs to be replaced every 3-5 years, depending on the use. 

Custom laser programming and projection make our systems effective because the birds cannot learn the pattern as is typically the case with other low-cost solutions. 

Our bird deterrent laser systems can be programmed with 150 different patterns and 20-time slots. 

The installation of bird deterrent laser systems avoids the need to install “critter guard” solutions and so forth.

THE PROBLEM: The solar installation became a gathering place for hundreds of seagulls and other waterfowl, resulting in: 

  • Compromised energy production due to obscuring of panels by birds and droppings
  • Time lost due to needing to clean corrosive droppings from solar panels 
  • Risk to panels from repetitive cleaning 
  • Increased amounts of bird waste were contaminating the water in the farm’s reservoir

Pest bird species: Seagulls, ducks
Problem time of year: All year
Problem time of day: Dawn to dusk
Equipment: One Laser Autonomic 100 
Protected area: 3 acres


  • Reduction in bird numbers by 75% 
  • Increase in energy production by 20%
  • Reduction in cleaning frequency, extending the life of the panels 
  • Increase in reservoir water quality