PEAK Solar Pro is a professional solar panel cleaning company. We specialize in washing commercial rooftop, utility-scale ground mount, carport and residential solar arrays.

We are centrally based in Boston and provide service to all states in the Northeast including Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine. We work for some of the world’s largest solar companies on their New England projects.

Our founder has been involved in the cleaning, maintenance and safety industries for over 20 years. His decades of experience in those industries contributed to our company reputation for technical knowledge and high quality cleaning services.

We utilize the most efficient methods for maintaining solar panels including both robotic and manual solar panel cleaning solutions. Each property is unique and a site visit helps us identify the best method for cleaning along with details such as access to water, soiling factors, bird challenges, and safety considerations.

We look forward to a long term relationship with you!

Paul West
Founder & General Manager
PEAK Solar Pro